Baen CDs

01. Honorverse

(ZIP 187332 KiB)

02. Hell's Faire

(ZIP 410624 KiB)

03. The Far Side Of The Stars

(ZIP 426860 KiB)

04. There Will Be Dragons

(ZIP 531772 KiB)

05. This Sceptered Isle

(ZIP 63844 KiB)

06. Windrider's Oath

(ZIP 235516 KiB)

06B. Shadow of Saganami

(ZIP 112352 KiB)

07. Looking Glass

(ZIP 151578 KiB)

08. Ghost

(ZIP 157545 KiB)

09. At All Costs

(ZIP 148193 KiB)

11. Unto the Breach

(ZIP 186436 KiB)

12. Hell Hath No Fury

(ZIP 179388 KiB)

13. The Baltic War

(ZIP 191712 KiB)

13. The best of Jim Baen's Universe

(ZIP 126912 KiB)

15. When the Tide Rises

(ZIP 477996 KiB)

16. Claws That Catch

(ZIP 276676 KiB)

17. Storm From the Shadows

(ZIP 251344 KiB)

18. Eye of the Storm

(ZIP 289100 KiB)

20. Torch of Freedom

(ZIP 289676 KiB)

22. Mission of Honor

(ZIP 310216 KiB)

23. 1635 The Eastern Front

(ZIP 339108 KiB)

24. Cryoburn

(ZIP 110856 KiB)

24. Invasion

(ZIP 278040 KiB)

For all Baen Free Library CDs, zipped ISO images are provided - click on "ZIP" to download them or on the title/picture to browse contents.

If you are wondering why some numbers are duplicated, but some other numbers are missing in the names of the CDs, the answer is Because Baen made it so - I have kept their original numbering.

I am in no way affiliated with Baen. I just downloaded the images via BitTorrent (see or for details) and put them here as a courtesy to those who cannot use BitTorrent. If anyone is curious about the legal status of those files, here is the appriopriate quotation from one of them:

The files on this CD are not encrypted. Jim doesn't understand the logic of making his books hard for people to read. Neither do I, though we seem to be in the minority among publishers and authors. Read them. Copy them. Give them to your friends. Dive into them like a porpoise, throw them up in the air and let them fall down on your — no, that was something different.

You're not supposed to sell the files. "Who'd be stupid enough to buy something they could have for free?" you may well ask yourself. If you do sell them, you are a Bad Person and may later exhibit signs of wanting to run for political office; but between you and me, I'm not going to come hunt you down.


Have fun!
Dave Drake

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