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Lois Barcelona
"Note by LMB:  Portrait of the writer as a young fan. Taken circa 1968 by Ron Miller,  Ron was then an art student; I was 18. Ron also supplied illustrations for Lillian Stewart (Carl)'s and my one-shot fanzine, titled Star Date, which we produced in the summer of 1968. Other, trendier people might have been hippies in the late 60's -- we were proto-geeks, before the concept had acquired a name.  As one can tell from the website links, we all went on." Lois at Gaudi's Dragon Gate, Barcelona, Spain,

"Note by LMB:  Me wearing the great nomination tie-tacks necklace. The necklace, a combination of Hugo, Nebula, and other award nomination pins on braided silver wire, with hematite stars, was the creation of Minneapolis artist Elise Matthesen 
2005 photo, taken on my back deck by my friend Carol Collins."

Necklace 02

Link-by-link guide, counterclockwise: Link 1: One Hugo nomination pin, year unknown.

Link 2: One heart-shaped sapphire in a bottle for A Civil Campaign from the, natch, Sapphire Award folks, a second one for "Winterfair Gifts"; one Nebula pin (the oval that looks like a cat's eye; it's actually a reverse spiral galaxy in black inlay with a sort of comet-looking pattern); two Hugo pins.

Link 3: Two Hugo pins, (one gold dated 1992, one gray steel oversized) These are actually identifiable. The gold rocket is from Orlando and the nomination of Barrayar, which won that year; the gray steel one is from Chicon V and the nomination of The Vor Game the year prior, my first Hugo win in the novel category.

Link 4 (central): My SFWA gold membership pin (a distinction due Nebula winners which was invented before SFWA took up nomination pins), one Hugo pin (the newest, for Paladin of Souls; Elise left space and installed it at Boston, where I got it in my nominee's packet and she had a table in the Dealer's Room.)

Link 5: Strange little shrunken head, Howard Lovecraft pin for World Fantasy nomination (for The Curse of Chalion), pin designed by Gahan Wilson, one Hugo pin.

Link 6: Two Hugo pins, two Nebula pins. One of the Hugo pins is dated 1990, which presumably must have been for a 1989 work, which would make it my very first Hugo ever, for the novella "The Mountains of Mourning" from the Den Haag Worldcon. Which I did not get to attend, but my Baen editor Toni Weisskopf wrestled the big one home for me through several international Customs, bless her. (Unless, possibly, it was from the Boston Worldcon for Falling Free.)

Link 7: One Hugo pin, not dated.

Necklace 20
Necklace 04
Necklace 15
The two Sapphire Awards. Look closely! Close-up of Sapphire Awards bottle link. The puzzle of how to securely attach the two tiny objects, solved. It also balanced Howard's head, opposite. One may also see two Hugo pins, a Nebula pin, and parts of two other Hugo pins.

Wiring in the backs. I won't lose these…


Necklace 40
Necklace 43
Necklace 35
Close-up of bottom link–SFWA gold membership pin, Hugo nomination pin. Close-up of link with the nomination pin from ChiCon V for The Vor Game, and gold nomination pin for the Orlando MagiCon (50th Worldcon) nomination for Barrayar. 

"Bring me the head of Howard P. Lovecraft!" World Fantasy award nomination pin for The Curse of Chalion.


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