Eye of the Storm
Legacy of the Aldenata
A Hymn Before Battle
Gust Front
When the Devil Dances
Hell's Faire
Cally's War
with Julie Cochrane
Sister Time
with Julie Cochrane
Honor of the Clan
with Julie Cochrane
The Hero
with Michael Z. Williamson
Watch on the Rhine
with Tom Kratman
Yellow Eyes
with Tom Kratman
Eye of the Storm
Voyage of the Space Bubble
Into the Looking Glass
Vorpal Blade
with Travis S. Taylor
Manxome Foe
with Travid S. Taylor
Claws That Catch
with Travis S. Taylor
The Paladin of Shadows
Choosers of the Slain
Unto the Breach
A Deeper Blue
Queen of Wands
Princess of Wands
Empire of Man series
(with David Weber):
March Upcountry
March to the Sea
March to the Stars
We Few

Eye of the Storm coverA Message to Booksellers from New York Times Best-Selling Author John Ringo

When I walked away from the Posleen Universe after skyrocketing sales and two NYT best sellers, my readers (and my publisher and the sales reps) let out a collective cry of "Oh, John Ringo, No!" To which my response was "Feh. I can't think of any more clever ways to write 'The yellow blood splashed all over the place.' "

But now Mike O'Neal is back! And he's got all new angst, all new problems, new and old enemies and enough anger at the universe for a sentient supernova. Featuring the return of just about the entire cast from the core Posleen novels (A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances and Hell's Faire) as well as two collaborative spin-off series, Eye of the Storm starts with a shredding SheVa gun and a blast of antimatter. Then it gets serious.

—John Ringo

The Last Centurion:
The Last Centurion
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Von Neumann's War
Von Neumann's War
with Travis S. Taylor
Neighborhood Watch Final Report
Travis S. Taylor
The Council Wars
There Will be Dragons
Emerald Sea
Against the Tide
East of the Sun,
West of the Moon
BOLO series:
The Road to Damascus
with Linda Evans
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The Quantum Connection
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