Ad Astra Games is pleased to announce Saganami Island Tactical Simulator, the official space combat game of the New York Times best selling Honor Harrington series, by David Weber, with full miniatures support!

Building on the Origins Award-winning 3-D engine from Ad Astra Games’ best selling Attack Vector: Tactical, Saganami Island Tactical Simulator brings the fury of Honorverse starship combat—impeller wedge missiles, X-ray laser warheads and grasers—to your gaming table! Card-driven special character rules let you recreate the most dramatic moments in the series, without distorting tactical game play!

Brimming with information about the naval architecture and doctrines of the Honorverse, Saganami Island Tactical Simulator is a must-have purchase for any fan of the series!

Box Contents

  • One 80-page rulebook (sample)
  • One 48-page scenario and background book
  • One 32-page ship book (sample)
  • 40 full color HoloCube™ miniatures (sample)
  • 8 laminated ship control cards (sample)
  • 2 laminated weapon reference cards (sample)
  • 16 injection molded plastic tilt blocks
  • 100 injection molded stacking tiles
  • 2 24" by 37" geomorphic hex maps (sample)

FSW ADA 21000 Saganami Island Tactical Simulator $74.95 August 2005
FSW ADA 21001 "Ships of the Fleet" Calendar (sample)


August 2005
FSW ADA 21501 Manticoran Fleet Box 1 $59.95 September 2005
FSW ADA 21601 Havenite Fleet Box 1 $59.95 September 2005
“Arguably, the finest space combat simulator on the market!”

— UNDEFEATED, issue 9, p. 22

The groundbreaking 3-D Spaceship Combat Game that’s fast enough to be fun, and accurate enough to get raves from the editor-in-chief of Scientific American!

“Amazing! With stunning attention to the relevant physics, Attack Vector: Tactical captures the challenge of piloting a spaceship and firing weapons in three dimensions. It might be the most believable board simulation of space warfare this side of the 22nd century!”

The Nexus Journal is a regular supplement that covers new material for Attack Vector: Tactical and the Ten Worlds Setting. Blow your opponets out of the sky with the Mansur class keel gun cruiser! GURPS Traveller author Loren Wiseman explores the Machiavellian intrigues of Schwarzvaal! Read the plans for the desperate assault and defense of Krasnaya Svezda from both sides, including a briefing paper on how planetary assaults work in the Ten Worlds setting!

FSW ADA 11000 Attack Vector: Tactical $54.95 Available Now
FSW ADA 11501 Nexus Journal #1 $17.95 September 2005