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LibertyCon 16, Chattanooga TN, 25-27 July 2003

Hammer's Slammers Miniature Wargame Book

Pictures from ConDFW, Dallas-Fort Worth TX, 21-23 February 2003
Tristan David Drake, son of Jonathan and April Drake, born Saturday January 25, 2003 at 6:03 p.m. EST. At a healthy 8 pounds 8 ounces, he's the first grandchild for Dave and Jo Drake.
Joke Book Covers prepared for Dave's Roast at Trinoc*coN, 6 October 2002

Forthcoming and Recent Releases

Now Available!


Warlord: The first two books in The General series, written by Steve Stirling from my outlines. Cover by David Mattingly.

Grimmer Than Hell

Grimmer Than Hell: Previously uncollected military SF, including linked stories from The Fleet and Battlestation shared universe anthologies, and the three Lacey stories back in print. A really first-rate cover by Steve Hickman.

Just Out!
The remainder of the General series (three volumes as published, two as originally written).

September 2003

Goddess of the Ice Realm

5th book in the Isles Series by TOR.

Cover art titled
Garric and the Blood
Eagles in the Ice Caverns
by Donato

Goddess of the Ice Realm

Turned in: The Far Side of The Stars, the third RCN (Leary/Mundy) space opera.
It's scheduled for October, 2003, hardcover release from Baen Books.

Far Side of the Stars

Cover art by Steve Hickman

My short story The Elf House is scheduled for publication in Fantasy Masters, at some point after Dave Weber (thrice a new father) does his story for the volume. The Elf House (PDF 113K)


I wrote A Land of Romance three years ago for a DeCamp festschrift which Harry Turtledove is editing for Baen. The last remaining story has just been delivered, so the volume--Aide deCamp--will be out in the foreseeable future. Harry and I were independently referring to the book as 'the DeCamp Festschrift' but Jim's cooler marketing head prevailed. The Land of Romance (PDF 129K)

  Now Available!

"From the lowest grunts to the most decorated generals, true warriors always answer duty's call. And from stone spears to cyborg starships, the materiel of battle accompanies them. In this stunning, explosive collection, David Drake--author of the classic Hammer's Slammer's and one of the foremost figures of military science fiction--gathers the finest tales of martial danger and human drama in desperate futures."
Dogs of War
Introduction - David Drake
Or Battle's Sound - Harry Harrison
Liberty Port - David Drake
Straw - Gene Wolfe
Tomb Tapper - James Blish
A Relic of War - Keith Laumer
Basic Training - Mark L. Van Name
Witch War - Richard Matheson
Transstar - Raymond Banks
Time Piece - Joe Haldeman
Clash by Night - Henry Kuttner &
C.L. Moore

Also Available!  
Many years ago I wrote plot outlines for what became The General series. I used the career of the 6th century AD Byzantine general Belisarius as the template for my hero, Raj Whitehall, but I gave him the support of a supercomputer and a purpose greater than that of satisfying the megalomania of his master Justinian. Eric Flint has here written from my outline a follow-on novel to that series. I used the situation in Rome in the last century of the Republic as my historical model.
The Tyrant
Cover art by Gary Ruddell

Now Available!


Paying the Piper

Paying the Piper, is a sequence of three Hammer novellas (Choosing Sides, The Political Process, and Neck or Nothing) for Jim Baen. For background I used the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean at the end of the 3d century BC, when Rome was a significant but not overwhelming force in the region and there were many mutually-hostile independant states.

The paperback edition is projected for December 2003.



"The Venus Henry Kuttner and C L Moore described in Clash by Night and Fury was among the most vivid creations to appear in Astounding Science Fiction during the greatest years of that magazine. Here David Drake revisits their world with two novels as colorful and imaginative as the originals."

The Jungle
Surface Action
My Belize Travelogue

The paperback edition is tentatively scheduled for February 2004

  Seas of Venus

Now Available!

Here's the cover (by Patrick Turner) for the new Baen edition of Killer by me and Karl Edward Wagner. It was a December, 2002, mass market release. Mr Turner provided stock art for the new edition of Ranks of Bronze; this is very striking and completely new.

There's a fairly full description in my Bibliography section of how Killer came to be written. Newsletter #11 includes a few details about this edition.


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